Holographic portrait of the late Princess of Wales: Diana

Portrait Hologram of the late Princess Diana. The 3d image is recorded from the Madame Tussaud model with a pulse laser. aluminium frame, 50 watt halogen required for viewing Her hat exits the frame!!

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The ultimate tribute to the late princess of Wales Diana: a reflection hologram.
This is a very clean and bright silver halide reflection hologram on glass. The glass is taped with black tape on the edges.
Hologram glass plate size  30 cm x 40 cm. It comes framed in a aluminium frame, overall size framed approx 31 x 41 cm.

Diana, Princess of Wales Hologram
1 x Silver Halide Glass Plate Hologram. Produced by Advanced Holographics laboratory in Loughborough UK in Limited Edition of 50 copies.
The Who's drummer Keith Moon funded this lab and the lasers that were used to record this hologram were the same Krypton lasers that were used in the Who's stadium rock concerts. So this hologram is a true example of great English Heritage.

This sale is for one hologram only. This copy however is one of the ten best that were produced.
Silver Halide Glass Plate Hologram made from a great quality model from Madame Tussauds.
Production date unknown but most likely after her death in the car crash in Paris on 31 August 1997.
This reflection hologram is monochrome in colour it has a an orange, yellow, or green coloured image depending on the angle it is viewed under, please see pictures for reference.
 The image of Diana is 1:1 size. Her lovely hat floats out of the image, about 12 cm from the glass plate. One small scratch on the top of the plate about 3 cm, not visible under normal display conditions.Because the hologram is recorded with laser light: tiny laser speckle from the reflection of her pearls can be seen on the image.

These holograms were hand copied so each one has it's own unique features.
This copy is one of the cleanest and brightest from the 50 that were made. Another copy of Diana has recently been added to the collection of the London Science Museum.This hologram must be lit by a lightsource at a 45 degree angle to be viewed. A halogen or led lamp equal to 50 watts with a 30 degree angle works best. I can provide detailed instructions to the buyer.
This hologram in this condition, is very rare and has a proven museum quality.(another copy is in the London Science Museum Collection) It will make a great addition to any Diana memorablia-, portraiture- or hologram-collections.