Do you want to become a hologram?

Digital holographic portaitures are recorded in our studio in the centre of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. These portraits are holographic stereograms. A sitting takes around two hours. Our studio is equiped with a video camera travelling on a horizontal track (Geola Holocam One) and a 3x6 meter greenscreen, so you can choose any background of your preference.

Up to tree people fit in one portrait. Some very chilled out animals have been recorded succesfully, but for a proper 3d image the animal needs to sit perfectly still during recording. After a recording the file is processed and the holographic prints are made by Geola Digital ltd, total production time is around 6 weeks after a sitting.
Ex situ recordings, even abroad are optional: our holocam is portable.*

Included with every portrait are:

Worldwide delivery
Basic portrait make up is provided*
An aluminimum frame and passepartout.
A small led-light (220v)

*Ex situ recordings are provided on base of travel expense + day rate
*a professional make-up artist can be hired on request.



Portrait hologram large

Do you want to see yourself as a hologram? Large Holographic portrait 24 cm x 32cm (framed 30 x 40 cm)



Portrait hologram medium

Do you want to see what you look like as a hologram? Medium size Holographic portrait 18 cm x 24 cm (framed 20 x 30 cm)



SeaBiscuit Hologram

'Seabiscuit' Holographic stereogram Size 11 x 19 cm Artist: Tijn van Heerden, 2015



Star Wars 3D Hologram 'Death Star Attack Run' (Full-parallax Hologram)

Star Wars 3D Hologram Collectible Death Star Attack Run Created by Zebra Imaging including 3d base with...



Star Wars 3D Hologram 'Kylo Ren' (Full-parallax Hologram)

Star Wars 3D Hologram Collectible Kylo Ren Created by Zebra Imaging including 3d base with led spot.



Vanitas hologram

Vanitas: Digital holographic stereogram, 2011 Artists: Erik Swetter & Tijn van Heerden Hologram size : 32 cm x 24 cm


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