Practical Holography by Graham Saxby
Practical Holography 3rd Edition Graham Saxby, paperback version
Practical Holography 3rd Edition by the late fantastic Mr Graham Saxby... (second hand copy) CRC Press Published November 17, 2003 Textbook - 482 Pages ISBN 9780750309127 - CAT# IP592
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(second hand copy)  Summary

Revised to reflect technological advances and new applications, Practical Holography, Third Edition is a classic, comprehensive text suitable for anyone involved in holography, from the interested amateur to the practicing research scientist. At its most basic level, the book introduces the principles behind holography and takes the reader on a step-by-step course through the materials, equipment, and techniques required to produce their own holograms. The author takes a purely practical viewpoint, keeping the mathematical content to a minimum. Later chapters of the book form a valuable reference for research scientists working with holographic techniques in all applications.