Star Wars 3D Hologram 'Death Star Attack Run' (Full-parallax Hologram)

Star Wars 3D Hologram Collectible Death Star Attack Run Created by Zebra Imaging including 3d base with led spot.

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Death Star Battle | Star Wars 3D Hologram Collectible (including Zebra 3D Hologram Base with LED-spot) , Exclusively licensed Star Wars Hologram, produced by Zebra Imaging, Full-parallax, Full Colour three-dimensional digital hologram.


  • (1) Zebra Imaging 3D Imaging Display: LightStand
  • (1) Hologram of Death Star Trench Battle Scene
  • Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Death Star Battle
  • Full-parallax, three-dimensional hologram
  • Each Star Wars 3D Hologram contains nearly as much information as a feature length movie.
  • Manufacturer: Zebra Imaging
  • Power Requirement: 120 VAC-220V plug included via USB
  • Space Requirement: 21" deep x 12" wide x 14" high
Death Star Battle, full-parallax 3D hologram capturing the definitive moment of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. This 3D hologram allows you to explore the scene, Luke Skywalker's X-Wing, and Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter in compelling glasses-free 3D. Mounted on elegant black acrylic, this collectible is certain to WOW. 

Scene Story \"Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained.\"― Motti- With the rebellion and the lives of everyone on Yavin 4 in the balance, Luke Skywalker sped toward the unshielded small exhaust port of the Death Star in his X-wing. Behind him, Darth Vader, having dispatched Luke’s wingmen, zeroed in for the kill shot. At the last moment, however, Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon surprised Darth Vader and destroyed one of his wingmen. In the confusion, the other wingman panicked and collided with Darth Vader's fighter sending him careening into space. With the Force aiding him and his path now unencumbered, Luke Skywalker fired his torpedoes perfectly into the port … destroying the Death Star. This hologram contains over 220,000 holographic frames.